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X-It Engineering takes over IBS Engineering Supplies Workshop – X-It Engineering

  • February 19, 2018
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X-It Engineering takes over IBS Engineering Supplies workshop

X-It Engineering, a part of the X-It Vans Pty Ltd group, announces the take over of the IBS Engineering Supplies workshop following the departure in October 2017 of the IBS Engineering Workshop Supervisor Alex Seawright who will be pursuing other interests.  Since Alex’s departure, X-It Engineering continued to operate the workshop under the IBS Engineering workshop name.

The official takeover, effective from March 3 2018, will see the workshop re-branded as “X-It Engineering” and will be staffed by all former IBS Engineering Supplies workshop staff,

X-It Engineering Workshop Manager, Bill Seawright, has confidence in the local engineering sector and believes now is the perfect time to launch X-It Engineering.

“X-It Engineering is a new company and we’re taking a fresh approach to the market.  We’ve been in discussions with a number of companies with most of them either expressing interest or have already come on board with us.”

All X-It Engineering staff are following the new direction with open communication, customer expectations and product quality at the top of the list.  “We have created an enjoyable can do atmosphere that makes coming to work a pleasure” explained Bill Seawright.

X-It Engineering will operate at the rear of the IBS Engineering Supplies building at 31-33 Palmerston Drive.

For further information on this media release, please contact Bill Seawright on 0427 634 800

About X-It Engineering

Established in 2016, X-It Vans Pty Ltd entered the caravan market with their Bushman caravan, a unique and innovative caravan that is the only of its type on the market.  In 2017 X-It Vans Pty Ltd established X-It Engineering with the intent to expand its manufacturing capabilities to include:

  • Complete project management from 3D design to manufacture
  • General fabrication
  • General machining and CNC production
  • Aluminium design and fabrication
  • General engineering