31-33 Palmerston Drive, INNISFAIL QLD (behind IBS Engineering Supplies)

3D CAD Design and Manufacture – X-It Engineering

Utilising AutoCAD Inventor, our design team at X-It Engineering can take your concept from a simple sketch or description and design a 3D model of your concept.

One part or a thousand

Whether itโ€™s one part or a thousand, by designing in 3D, we are able to assemble the parts, allowing us to run full dynamic behaviour tests and accurately predict loads during the design phase rather than during the prototyping and manufacturing phases.

Add-on or modify

Our software also enables us to create add-on equipment or modify an existing design for differing applications.ย  We are also able to create 3D models of existing equipment which allows us to design new systems or add-on components that will accurately integrate into new systems.



Cost effective

By running behaviour tests prior to manufacture, we cut down on any potential errors. This allows us to reduce design to manufacture lead-time which in turns results in a cost-effective design.