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Metered Liquid Injector released to market

After three years in development, we are proud to announce the launch of the PTO V3 Metered Liquid Injector!

Three years ago local banana farmer John Mereider came looking for an answer to injecting Confidor, microbes and other liquid chemicals reliably & safely.  

Adjustable from 5mL to 100mL, the PTO V3 metered liquid injector is designed to save you time and money.  You use the correct amount of chemical (no more estimating which may see you using more than required) and faster to apply.

During testing we have found the unit to be robust, accurate, reliable, safe and quick, and in the last two years we have never changed a seal and after inspection it will be years before we do.

In November 2018 we released the Hunter granule applicator both these units can be mounted on the one carry all we manufacture.

Coming soon – We are now setting up a beta site to test the new 12V metered liquid injector for bell injecting and any other liquids off a quad bike or any other 12V system.